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Do you love kiteboarding and can’t think of anything else?
Do you love to share your stoke with others?
Are you the leader of your tribe?
Do you love creating & developing content to share with others?
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If your answer is YES YES YES YES then you fit in our team

Read the information below before you start with the TEAM BEST Application Form

Best Kiteboarding believes that together with our TEAM BEST we will achieve brand visibility around the world and share our passion for the sport.

We can only reward you for something that can be measured. That’s why it’s important to focus on the results of your actions. We have created three categories for TEAM BEST based on your commitment and how strong your impact is on the community you surround yourself with. We will check your application and decide which one is best for you. Category C is the starting point. Apply if you don’t yet know how much time you can devote, if you want to become an influencer but are still taking your first steps. Category B is for intermediate and advanced members. Apply if you have a lot of time to spend setting up our team in different locations, creating content and buying our brand. Category A is the highest status for a TEAM BEST member. Apply if you are fully motivated to drive the Best brand in your area and believe you can grow Best communities on a daily basis.

We expect them to engage with their community and actively participate in social media and in our promotions, our competitions, etc.

The TEAM BEST community will be the first to receive information about the brand such as new gear releases, test gear available, events. Tarifa is our home and we want you to feel at home the day you come to visit us, we will be your advisors on the best accommodation solution, you will get a welcome discount in our shop, support in case something goes wrong with your equipment and you will always know which is the best spot to sail that day!

As a TEAM BEST member, you will get equipment at a special price depending on the category you are assigned to.

You still have some questions? Contact us anytime at: team@bestkiteboarding.com