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Do you love kiteboarding and can’t think of anything else?
Do you love to share your stoke with others?
Are you the leader of your tribe?
Do you love creating & developing content to share with others?

If your answer is YES YES YES YES then you fit in our team

Read the information below before you start with the TEAM BEST Application Form

We believe TEAM BEST members are the best way to spread our message across the world! We are looking for tireless kiters who want to ride high performance gear and share their passion for the brand with their community.

We can only reward you for something that can be measured. Therefore it’s important that you focus on the results of your actions. We have created three categories for TEAM BEST depending on your engagement and how strong is your impact on the community you are surrounded by. We will check your application and decide which is the best for you.

C Category is the starting point . Apply for it if you don’t know how much time you will be able to dedicate yet , if you want to become an influencer but you are still doing your first steps. 

You will get 35% discount on Kites Bars and Accessories and after 6 months we will review your profile to see if it’s the time to upgrade your account to B Category

B Category is for intermediates to advanced members. Apply for it if you are confident you will be able to drive sales to the webpage and produce good content every month. If you have plenty of time to ride our gear in different spots, if you are used to travel to wonderful beaches. 

In order to track your sales, a special code will be assigned to you. Each time your code is used for purchasing gear in our webpage you will get Best Points in change. Best Points are convertible to gear as you can see here. Each 6 month we will review your profile to see if you are ready to step to A Category 

A Category is the highest status for a TEAM BEST member. Apply for it if you are an experienced opinion leader or content producer. If you feel fully motivated to push the Best brand in your area and you believe you will be able to grow Best communities day by day. You will get 45% discount on Kites and Bars and on top you will be able to convert any sales action or content creation in Best Points as detailed here

Best Points are the deserved reward for your work. If you are in B Category you can get points selling kites only while in A Category you get points for producing content and selling gear. If you are in C Category 

Whenever you want you can exchange points for gear as explained in the example below:

Ex. If three guys buy a 2×1 BOGO Deal using your personal CODE  you get 3×30 = 90 Best Point 

90 Best Points = FREE KITE for you!

We expect you to engage your community and make sure that they are aware of Best Kiteboarding products, promo’s, raffles, etc.

Share news and tips from Best through any channel
Let people try the gear
Answer product related questions ( as far as you can, otherwise direct them to us and we’ll answer)

TEAM BEST is a community of passionate kiters and a powerful kiteboarding network for today and tomorrow. To strengthen this relationship we will organize TEAM BEST weeks in our headquarter in Tarifa to know each other personally , test new gear and have fun in the MEKKA of Kitesurfing.

TEAM BEST community will be the first to receive info about the brand like new gear releases, test gear available, events. 

Tarifa is our home and we want you to feel at home the day you will come to visit us. We will be your  advisors on the best accommodation solution, you will get a welcome discount on our shop, support in case something goes wrong with your gear and you will always know which is the best spot to ride that day !

If you are looking for free gear, look no further!

As member of TEAM BEST you get gear at a special rate depending on the Category you will be assigned to.

For EU member states: Unless you are a company buying with VAT deduction the prices with VAT will apply for you.

For any others: Our prices excluding VAT apply to you. There may be taxes and duties in your country that you will need to cover.

You still have some questions? Contact us anytime at: team@bestkiteboarding.com


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