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TS v9

For version 9 we have re-engineered our crossover high performance kite striking a fine line between progress and tradition. With its improved three strut construction, weight is reduced and turning speed increased. Are you ready to loop?

The TS’ outstanding performance across all disciplines offers extraordinary upwind performance no matter what style you ride: steep waves, unhooked freestyle, or mega loops. The new TS provides superior grunt and lift, which is why freestyle riders especially enjoy its top-level pop and line-slack to land the most challenging tricks with ease.

The new Version 9 features Best’s lean strut construction for improved durability and reduced weight. To enjoy riding in light breeze, 3 m line-extensions for the sizes 14 and 16 m are included.

* This image is a visual reference. Kite colors may vary.

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Push Your Limits

  • Open C Shape with four lines and single front line safety.
  • Fast turning freestyle characteristics combined with the most reliable safety system – the kite flags out a 100% when released.
  • Three strut construction throughout the rang.
  • Light weight for improved low-end.
  • Harmonized trailing edge construction.
  • Super-rigid frame makes battens obsolete.
  • Teijin Triple Ripstop from Japan.
  • Increase durability, rigidity and performance of kite.

Like the Roca V4 it benefits from our Dacron frame construction for maximum durability while keeping the kite weight low. With this new TS we are maintaining the Teijin Triple Rip-Stop material for improved rigidity and longevity.

The DNA which made the TS so popular remains. Fast turns allow the biggest jumps, no matter if you’re shreddin‘ Cape Town or Tarifa.

Technical Specifications

  • Redefined wingtip shape for enhanced responsiveness and smoother turning.

  • Redesigned leading edge shape for improved kite twist and stability.

  • Fine tuned aspect ratio for more low-end power, lift and hangtime.

Changes to previous model

  • Stronger and resistant Dacron at leading edge resulting in a rigid frame that maintains its shape in strong gusty winds while enabling quicker more direct steering.
  • Leaner Strut Construction – change to two panels for an even stronger lighter structure.

  • Canopy protector at inflation/deflation valve.

  • Improved valve for faster inflation and deflation.

  • Ronstan Shock Sheaveless Block Pulley for reduced friction and longer durability of lines.

To make kiting more affordable for everybody, the kite comes with a sleeve bag.
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