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Roca Tarifa

Our kite is made in TARIFA, last technology in machinery, European materials, certified quality test, providers with fast response and reduction in more than 90% of plastic. It also has great  hanges and innovations such as dacron with more durability, reinforced structure with insignia and triple canopy.

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Roca v4 Tarifa

$1,350$1,837 $675$918

We present you our new ROCA V4 TARIFA !

Our kite is made in TARIFA, last technology in machinery, European materials, certified quality test, providers with fast response and reduction in more than 90% of plastic. It also has great  hanges and innovations such as dacron with more durability, reinforced structure with insignia and triple canopy.

We offer durability, high quality materials, eco-friendly production process and fast response from our team.

Your order will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and our warehouse team will contact you within 48 hours.


* This image is a visual reference. Kite colors may vary.

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Unbreakable Dacron: improved material for increased durability and tear strength.

Triple ripstop to endure the hardest conditions.


change to two panels for an even stronger, lighter structure.

Double Point Connection Tip distributes the forces along the wing tip, avoiding deformations during radical turns.

Low Friction Sliders for smooth force transfer and light impact on bridles.


Made for begines, free ride, eve light wind and free rider, it is unbeatable

Maximum control, minimum effort

This groundbreaking design combines advanced technology with effortless maneuverability, allowing you to glide through the waves with precision and ease. Prepare to elevate your riding experience to new heights as you effortlessly harness the power of the wind and unleash your true potential on the water.

Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of high-performance freestyle maneuvers or the smooth flow of carving waves, this kite adapts effortlessly to your needs. Its stability, control, and impressive depower range empower you to tackle any kitesurfing discipline with confidence and precision.

Embrace the freedom to explore different riding styles, push your boundaries, and unlock new levels of excitement on the water. .

to be limitless

100% E.U. materials


Self Rescue Relaunch

Ronstan Shock

Triple Layer Ripstop

3 Strut Shape

Ultra resistant
With only 1mm thickness the new URD+ is able to withstand the hardest conditions
Light weight
URD+ is made with the finest material ensuring the lightest use.
Designed to endure the hardest conditions this material is also created to adapt and hold to any shape, allowing our team to create the best kites.
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URD+ a Kite's best friend

URD+ Dacron, a widely utilized material in the construction of kitesurfing kites, plays a crucial role in enhancing their performance and durability. Dacron is a type of polyester fabric known for its exceptional strength, stability, and resistance to stretching. These properties make it an ideal choice for various components of kitesurfing kites.

One key application of Dacron in kitesurfing kites is in the construction of the leading edge and struts. These areas require robust materials to withstand the immense forces exerted by the wind. URD+ Dacron’s high tensile strength ensures that the kite maintains its shape and integrity, providing stability and responsive handling. It allows the kite to maintain its aerodynamic profile, enabling efficient airflow and optimal performance during maneuvers.

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Stay tuned for more upcoming colors



This deep and luxurious shade exudes elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of refined style to your kitesurfing setup. The timeless appeal of burgundy sets you apart from the crowd, creating an air of distinction and class on the water. Whether under the bright sun or against the backdrop of a stunning sunset, the burgundy kite commands attention with its deep and alluring hue.



The subtle yet eye-catching grey hue exudes a sense of confidence and modernity, allowing you to make a stylish statement while dominating the waves. With our grey kite, you'll not only command attention but also showcase your impeccable taste in kitesurfing gear.



Red, the color of passion, power, and emotion. As bold as a beating heart, this fiery hue commands attention with its intense and vibrant presence. Symbolizing love and desire, red ignites a passionate flame that evokes feelings of warmth and intensity. Like the blazing embers of a crackling fire, red exudes energy and vitality, infusing the world with its lively and invigorating spirit. It is a color that demands to be noticed, leaving a lasting impression wherever it appears.


Dark Grey

Dark Grey, a shade that exudes timeless sophistication and understated elegance. Like the night sky just before dawn, this refined color captivates with its mysterious allure. It is a hue that effortlessly adds depth and dimension to any setting, creating a sense of comfort and calm. As rich as charcoal, dark grey projects an air of strength and resilience. It is a color that exudes a sense of maturity and wisdom, symbolizing stability and reliability. Its subtle and muted tone evokes a sense of subtlety, allowing it to blend seamlessly with various color palettes.


Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is reflected in our production process, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint.  Check our creating process in About Us

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