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Unleash safety and performance with the Best Red Bar: equipped with Iron Heart IV Quick release, 22m lines, and eco-friendly Portuguese cork grip. The CORK EDITION is sleek, clean, and high-performing, with improved safety features.

Red Bar – Cork Edition


Get the most out of your TS or Roca with the Best Red Bar. The efficient front-line safety system, the proven Iron Heart IV Quick release system and our extremely strong 22 meter lines make it the safest bar you could possibly ride with.

Equipped with durable and eco-neutral Portuguese cork, Best Kiteboarding decreases the amount of plastic, creates a natural grip and sets a milestone towards environmental sustainability while striving for high performance.

The CORK EDITION not only looks amazing, it is also the cleanest and more performance oriented bar we ever made. The cork gives an outstanding feeling in the hands; It is smooth and with a great grip. This allows you to hold the hand tight and send your more aggresive moves.

We redesigned the safety line, making it safer and cleaner.

Leash included.

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Cork handle

The innovative use of cork in the Best Red Bar makes it a truly exceptional choice for kiteboarding enthusiasts. Not only does cork provide unparalleled comfort and a superior grip, but it also offers remarkable sustainability benefits. Cork is a natural and renewable material, making the bar recyclable and reducing its environmental impact. By incorporating cork into the design, Best Kiteboarding showcases their commitment to creating products that not only excel in performance but also prioritize the well-being of the planet
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Iron heart IV release system

The efficient front-line safety system ensures quick and reliable activation, providing you with peace of mind during your kiteboarding sessions. The Iron Heart IV Quick release system, a time-tested and proven mechanism, guarantees swift and effortless detachment in emergency situations. Coupled with the exceptional strength of the 22-meter lines, this combination makes the Best Red Bar an unrivaled choice for safety-conscious riders. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced kiter, this bar offers an unparalleled level of security, allowing you to focus on the thrill and joy of the sport.
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European sourced cork through manual and sustainable methods that allow this part of the bar to be recycled. take a look at our sustainability promise 

Bar measurements


Experience kiteboarding at its finest cork bar. Designed for quickness, smaller kites, more wind, and epic tricks. Unleash your skills with precision and control, and take your kiteboarding adventures to new heights.


Designed for bigger, slower kites, it offers enhanced control even in less windy conditions. Experience superior performance and effortless maneuverability with the perfect combination of precision and power.

Chicken loop

Ultra precise secure technology with fast response to ensure the most comfortable secure use and practice

Short leash

perfect for tricks and regular use, more comfortable and reachable.

Long leash

Perfect for any rider in the world, secure fast response and slick design. With carabiners in both sides to make it useable in any harness 

22m lines

Extremely strong 22m lines suitable for any kind of wind and adapted to the best practice