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The 2016 Best GP is the weapon of choice for any dedicated freestyle athlete. It was developed in cooperation with world champs after its predecessor carried Gisela Pulido to another world title. This elite C kite is made for boosting explosive jumps, megalooping and freestyle or wakestyle tricks offering plenty of line slack after the pop.


  • 5-line C kite for most advanced technical freestyle tricks
  • Responsive steering and direct feel
  • Unhooked stability and control actively supports rider
  • Incredible pop with plenty of line slack
  • Explosive vertical boost takes you to new heights

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Engineered with a primary focus on freestyle performance complemented by remarkable adaptability across diverse disciplines, the TS PRO emerges as the quintessential option for ambitious riders seeking to explore the outer edges of their skillset. Be it executing intricate tricks, achieving lofty heights with substantial airs and kite loops, or tackling the challenges of wave riding, the TS PRO guarantees an unmatched kitesurfing experience that surpasses all expectations.


This groundbreaking design combines advanced technology with effortless maneuverability, allowing you to glide through the waves with precision and ease. Prepare to elevate your riding experience to new heights as you effortlessly harness the power of the wind and unleash your true potential on the water.


Unleash safety and performance with the Best Red Bar: equipped with Iron Heart IV Quick release, 22m lines, and eco-friendly Portuguese cork grip. The CORK EDITION is sleek, clean, and high-performing, with improved safety features.


This is for the riders striving for maximum performance. Enjoy enhanced maneuverability both in waves and freestyle due to the Pro’s lower cut and softer materials. This harness allows you to follow your own line no matter which extreme moves you’re going for. The Pro will always provide exactly the support and flexibility you need.