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Double Concave Bottom

Rounded Carbon rails

Our Foil Board

Continuous Rocker Nose

Bomb-proof construction



16 liters 120cm x 45cm

Ever thought zero gravity? Our all-round freeride foil board brings you one step closer! Its volume of 16 liters and the compact design lets you experience the sheer riding pleasure. With a rocker nose and a double concave bottom, we designed a fast and early planning board. Accompanied with rounded carbon edges, your landings will be smooth with no need to bother about chops.

All in all, it’s a super light and bomb-proof construction board. Its direct feeling makes you wanting to go out immediately for a carve, jibe or surf.

You have the choice! Do you want your foil board with inserts for a faster and more powerful ride or without inserts for pure and strapless freeride?

** Before ordering, please check with us if your size and color is in stock. If we don’t have it in stock, it could take up to 4 weeks to create your board.

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16 liters 120cm x 45cm

With a nice rocker nose and double concave bottom, we have designed a fast and early planning board. Paired with rounded Carbon edges, you will land soft and will never get caught by chop anymore.

Super light with proven bomb-proof construction, you will only focus on going out and carve, jibe or surf with this direct feeling board.

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