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Breeze v3


We developed a board that enables you to enjoy a kite session in even the lightest winds. The Breeze is designed to provide earlier planing while reducing the drag. Even in wind below 10 knots, the board will glide. Super light while providing an incredible flex making it easy to pop out of the water. The 3D torsion/shock absorber on the top of the board enhance the flex even further and adds comfort. The Breeze easily absorbs chop and gnarly landings. Go below 10 knots and enjoy every session to the fullest.

Before ordering, please check with us if your size and color is in stock. If we don’t have it in stock, it could take up to 4 weeks to produce your board.

Price shown is for board only. If you need straps, handle and/or fins, please add them to your shopping cart from our store.

Complete your board

Choose pads & fins together to get extra discount

Prime Accessory Pads
Twin Tip Fins 4.5mm Smoke
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Push Your Limits


Ride it!

The new Breeze brings the perfect match between light wind performance and comfortable handling. 

The new Torsion-X reinforcement provides just the right combination of stiffness and liveliness you need to keep a longer and wider board like the Breeze comfortably under control. The rail design directs the water flow directly to the bottom of the board and generates maximum lift while keeping drag to a minimum. You and your friends, who also have a Breeze in their quiver, will be gliding on the water while all the other riders are still sitting on the beach waiting for more wind.


Available in 145cm, 151cm, and 158cm sizes, the Breeze allows you to spend even more time on the water. If you prefer Twintips over directional boards, the Breeze is just what you need to fill even days under 10 knots with kiting and fun. Light wind experts and heavier riders will agree that the Breeze offers the perfect blend of light wind performance, freeride performance, and easy, comfortable handling.


We are introducing an industry-leading concept for customizing your own Breeze. We’ve developed a unique direct digital printing technique allowing you to make this you Breeze! You can send us any design following our instructions and we will make this your unique Breeze.

No inspiration? Choose one of our many stock designs made for you. 

Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Tarifa brings you European top technology tested in Mecca of Kitesurfing. 


Choose the right size:

145 x 44cm for riders between 60 – 85 kg

151 x 45 cm for riders between 75 – 105 kg

158 x 46 cm for riders between 85 – 120kg


Technical Specifications

Choose the right size:

131 x 40 cm for riders between 40 – 65 kg

135 x 41 cm for riders between 60 – 85 kg

138 x 42 cm for riders between 65 – 95 kg

140 x 43 cm for riders between 70 – 105 kg


131 = 2.5kg

135 = 2.6kg

138 = 2.6kg

140 = 2.7kg

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