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Twin tip kitesurf boards are a popular type of board used in the sport of kitesurfing. They are typically symmetrical in shape, with curved edges on both ends to allow for smooth turns in both directions. They have a flat bottom, which helps with stability and maneuverability, and often feature a concave shape to provide extra grip and control. Twin tip boards are designed to be ridden in both directions, and are a great choice for beginners and intermediate riders who want to improve their skills and learn new tricks.


The Spin is all about getting the most out of every freeride session!

It is very light, flexible and also can take a beating. It wants to ride upwind and eat chop. Thick box rails make it a favorite for jumping and holding the edge.

From 696€


High Performance Freeride, Freestyle and New School twintip

Customize your Armada 

V-Concave bottom and  advanced 3-stage rocker

Reversed 3D shock absorber reduce weight and optimize flex and damping

Made in Tarifa

From 736€


We developed a board that enables you to enjoy a kite session in even the lightest winds. The Breeze is designed to provide earlier planing while reducing the drag. Even in wind below 10 knots, the board will glide. Super light while providing an incredible flex making it easy to pop out of the water.

From 696€

Surf Boards

surf kitesurf boards are a type of kiteboard that is designed to be ridden in waves, much like a traditional surfboard. They are typically longer and narrower than twin tip boards, with a pointed nose and rounded tail. This shape allows for greater control and maneuverability in the water, and makes it easier to catch waves and carve turns. Surf kiteboards usually have a rocker, or curve, in the board that helps it to glide over the water and handle steep drops in the waves. They are typically made of lightweight materials such as foam, epoxy, or carbon fiber, and come in a range of sizes to suit different riders and wave conditions. 


Strapless, light and mobile. a board designed for maximum speed and flexibility. Made with recycled materials

From 750€


Surf everything with the classic model Shaka. It is inspired by surfing boards with a round tail and classic nose. As always, eco-friendly materials and made in Spain. 

From 750€


This board is designed specially for smaller waves nd light wind. It is however reliable and durable. The standard design is inspired by the name and as always with eco-friendly materials and made in Spain. 

From 750€


Strapless all around board, made for all types of waves and soft wind due to its foil-shaped end. Designed for maximum speed. This board is ideal for the ones that enjoy every aspect of the strapless universe: Freestyle, Waves and cruising around. The Dusky sets the mark for the next generation of Allround Surboards. 

From 750€


Smash those waves like a Pro! The Best Silex is best compared to a modern competition surfboard. Not only because of its aggressive shape but also because of its extremely light but durable built, thanks to the best material available on the market. This board is made for powerful surfing and big maneuvers

From 750€


Ever thought zero gravity? Our all-round freeride foil board brings you one step closer! Its volume of 16 liters and the compact design lets you experience the sheer riding pleasure. With a rocker nose and a double concave bottom, we designed a fast and early planning board. Accompanied with rounded carbon edges, your landings will be smooth with no need to bother about chops. All in all, it’s a super light and bomb-proof construction board. Its direct feeling makes you wanting to go out immediately for a carve, jibe or surf


With a nice rocker nose and double concave bottom, we have designed a fast and early planning board. Paired with rounded Carbon edges, you will land soft and will never get caught by chop anymore.

Super light with proven bomb-proof construction, you will only focus on going out and carve, jibe or surf with this direct feeling board.

From 849€

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