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About Kai Clothes

Hello, my name is Israel and I am the founder of Kai Clothes which was born from the union of my professional experience in the textile sector and my great passion for the sea.

Why make jackets?

When we carried out the relevant tests we saw that it is a very light fabric that repels water, does not get wet in moderate rain, dries very quickly and has thermal properties, which we increased by adding padding of different thicknesses, depending on the sport for which it is intended.

To all this, we add the incredible range of colours and designs that they carry as well as the game that gives us when designing our jackets.

Why recycle your kite?

Because you collaborate with the environment and take care of the planet, you give a new use to that kite that you have enjoyed for so long and you have an original, unique and exclusive souvenir of it, as no two are the same.

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Phone: +34644747667

Email: hola@kaiclothes.com