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Most frequent questions and answers

If you can’t find your replacement bladder on our website, you can find all Bladders from all Kites we ever made with our official partner Dr.Tuba at www.drtuba.eu

     As a special treat use the Promo Code BEST10OFF and you will get an extra 10% Discount on your order.

Your shipping costs are calculated individually depending on the weight and size of the package and the destination. The easiest way to find out is to simulate a purchase in our web shop and you will see the shipping cost before checking out.

You have a problem with one of our products? No problem, just fill out our warranty form under bestkiteboarding.com/support/warranty-and-returns/ . We’ll analyse your case and get back to you ASAP. We usually get back with 48h. In busy times please allow up to 10 days for processing. 

No problem, just use the chat function on our website and explain the issue you have. If you want to speed up the process be very specific and directly attach a picture of the product or the issue.  We are not always online but your messages will be read and answered within a few hours.

At Best we decided to stop giving wind ranges to kites. The possibility to kite depends on too many variables to give a simple answer. Rider weight and skill, type of board (from Twin Tip to Foil), ride conditions such as wind and water.  

     If you are uncertain about the size you need, get in touch and let us know your weight, your level, your riding style and your home spot and we will point you towards the right gear. 

We have 2 types of bars. The RED and the BLK Bar. The RED bar is compatible with all of our 4 Line SLE kites all the way back to 2006.

The BLK bar is our 5th line bar and only works along with a 5 line Freestyle Kite such as the GP.

     Regarding the size, we stopped simply allocating them to kite sizes. It depends much more on what you kite response you prefer and what you are used to.  If you want a faster turning responsive kite, go for 52cm bar. If you want more forgiving kite feel  to do jumps, rotations and other freestyle tricks, the 47cm Bar is the way to go. If in doubt, get in touch.