First Kitesurfing Factory in Tarifa


Best Kiteboarding is a company founded in 2003 dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of kitesurfing equipment around the world.

We are located in Tarifa, considered by many the best city for water sports for many reasons such as its strong and different winds, lots of spots in the area, unbeatable weather conditions almost all year round and good temperatures.
In addition to all these features, in Tarifa we find the best riders in the world practicing all kinds of water sports and also in Tarifa is where many events and competitions related to kitesurfing are held.


In order to be able to offer the best products to our customers we must be careful with the raw materials that make up our products. That is why all our products are made with raw materials that come from the area of Andalusia, Spain and Europe.

Why manufacture in Tarifa?

Covid-19 pandemic

Rising fuel prices

Reduce environmental pollution

To give a faster and higher quality response

Worldwide transport problems

Shortage of stock


Tarifa has not only good riders and millions of visitors passionate about the sport but also experienced and qualified kitesurfing workers.


We want to offer much more to our customers and for this, you can customize your products to your liking. You can do it with exclusive designs created by our creative department or customizing it yourself (video of how we customize kites)


Best Kiteboarding works with the latest technology and the most innovative machines on the market.

Our Team

Descripción corta del equipo que compone el taller.


Our equipment is tested by expert riders in the market with many years of experience. In addition we have tested our kitesurfing equipment in different weather conditions and for a minimum period of time to provide the best confidence to our customers.

Why choose our products?

Tested in Tarifa

After sales assistance

Worldwide shipping

1 year warranty extendable to 6 months more

Manufacture your kite with your personalized design

15 days to return your purchase (unused)