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  • True C Kite Design with 5 lines
  • Radical kite for most advanced freestyle and wakestyle tricks. The 5th line ads stability and safety.
  • Ride Optimized Geometry – each size engineered individually to suit conditions
  • Double Rip Stop from Teijin/ Japan and industry proven Twist Lock Valve
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Riding Style

Surf 4
Freeride 5
New to the sport 4
Newschool 4
Light wind 5

Kite Size vs. Wind Speed (knots)

3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36
5 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power
6 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
7 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
8 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
9 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
10 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
12 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
14 m starts good sweet-spot proper-power on-limit
16 m starts sweet-spot proper-power on-limit

Dominate the Competition

The new GP delivers pure performance for your extreme freestyle ride: all your need for unhooked maneuvers, the GP knows no limits! The new cylindrical cone-shaped leading edge distributes your steering impulses over the whole wing for a faster and smoother turning kite. Enjoy enhanced stability when riding unhooked.

  • Changes to previous model:
  • ++ New Inflation System (Twist Lock Valve).
  • ++ Teijin D2 Techno Force canopy
  • ++ TPU bladder material made in Germany (highest available grade of quality)
  • ++ Backline attachments made of Spectra line
  • ++ Optimized TE batten placements
  • ++ New backline attachment points made of Spectra line for easier setup and durability

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Reactive Micro Bridle

Reactive Micro Bridle

Our short bridle design delivers the direct feedback and precision handling of a 4-line kite with the low bar pressure, solid stability and ease of use of an SLE kite.

Ride Optimized Geometry

Ride Optimized Geometry

Each kite size is individually optimized for the conditions it will be used in. That way we ensure incredible performance for the whole range of each model.

Surf Tough

Surf Tough

The Cabo and the TS are built using our Surf Tough materials and construction techniques. They come with our Fair & Reasonable Lifetime Guarantee. They are the toughest kites you’ll ever fly.

Twist Lock Valve 2.0

Twist Lock Valve 2.0

This is the most reliable inflation system on the market ensuring effortless pumping with highest air flow. The hose connects directly to the valve, no need for a nozzle. In- and deflating was never easier and faster.

KITE Stats

Turning Speed
Unhooked Ability
Dropdown Drift
Jumping Ability
Bar Pressure
Low End