Advanced Boards for Advanced Riders

Next Level Ride

Meet our new Stubby and Sting Pro-Surf boards! These are the most advanced kite-surfboards we have ever built, purely focused on highest performance. An innovative vacuum technology makes the unique shape, similar to competition boards, come to life. A carbon stringer delivers flex and responsiveness, the rails and the thruster fin setup provide grip and the light weight allows you to do radical turns and airs. The carbon fibers at the tail and fin boxes reinforce the design without adding any weight. These boards will be the best you ever had.

Cut Yourself Loose


Catch the fast and steep ones and slice them with unlimited control. The Sting Pro-Surf is the most advanced board you will ever ride. An innovative PU-Vaccum technology ensures light weight that comes with more durability. The result is a faster more responsive board for carves and radical cutbacks. Ride 5'7 or 5'10

Attack by Air


The Stubby Pro-Surf is the ultimate strapless freestyle board. It's noseless shape is combined with the easy to grab rails. The channel design makes it a favorite to pop out of the water where it clings to your feet while you perform rotations. But you can also go for grabs or even flips. It is incredibly light while being stronger than any other high end surfboard you have ever ridden. Ride 5'4 or 5'6

Hand shaped

Advanced Technology

Those boards are not only hand shaped in Portugal but are also built using a very unique high end technology. The resin is infused into the fibers using a vacuum technology that ensures a stronger compound. Spare resin is removed which makes the board even lighter. The result is a stronger board which weights below 2,5 kg. You will feel this instantly.


The ultimate wave kite

The Cabo is incredible fast which helps tremendously to catch waves. Once on the wave it starts following you down the line due to it's amazing drift characteristics. This enables you to fully concentrate on the water beneath you, to find your spot in the barrel or to hack some spray out of the lip. If you hunt for waves, this is your kite! View the Cabo