Failure is not an option

  • Freestyle / Wakestyle Pro Team Board
  • Reinforced block inserts compatible with boots or straps for heavy duty riding
  • Advanced materials and construction technology, reinforcement for maximum pop, flex and durability
  • Low fat build because every gram counts
  • Equipped with mercury pads and straps, grab handle and 50mm G10 fins.
$ 749.00

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Riding Style

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Freeride 2
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Failure is not an option

The Pro-Creator is the definitive freestyle/wakestyle crossover board. It is team rider designed and has been tested and approved in the heat of competition.

The Pro-Creator uses the same Beech wood insert supports and UNI-D reinforced tape as the Profanity so you can go huge in bindings or straps. The CNC machined and laminated Paulownia wood core is wrapped up in a 100% uni-directional Pre-Preg lay-up and finished off with an impact resistant ABS Rail and Bullet Proof Bottom Sheet for minimum weight and maximum durability. The Supremo Wood Core and light weight top-sheet in the Pro-Creator means it can be up to 700 grams lighter than less advanced boards, making it one of the lightest competition ready boards that you can take into battle.

Originally developed for top secret aerospace applications Basalt fiber is now used in high-tech applications where its high strength, light weight and improved damping can be beneficial. You’ll find Basalt fiber in windmill blades, racing yachts and of course in every Pro-Creator board. Basalt is eco-friendly, 20% stronger than fiberglass and provides more progressive and better controlled damping than carbon; so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added a little Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

The Pro-Creator 135 and 139 are the fastest riding, highest performing and most durable twintips that we know how to make and it is the number one freestyle board in the line-up. If you want to compete then you owe it to yourself to ride the best possible board. If failure simply isn’t an option then you must ride the Pro-Creator.

Designer’s Vision

The Pro-Creator is designed to handle the power and deliver the control that our competition freestyle riders need. Built for use with boots the Pro-Creator uses Basalt Fiber Tec for damping control and an all new construction and outline that deliver insane pop, unbelievable upwind ability and exceptional handling.

Franz Schitzhofer

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Basalt Fiber Tec

Basalt Fiber Tec

This season we've constructed our high end boards with eco friendly Basalt fiber reinforcement. It's 20% stronger than fiberglass so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added the Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

Pre Preg Layup

Pre Preg Layup

100% Pre-Preg construction is lighter by up to 700gms compared to other layup methods and delivers the optimum strength to weight ratio. Low fat becasue every gram counts. Exclusive to Best.

Supremo Wood Core

Supremo Wood Core

The Supremo wood core is CNC machined to be stiffer and more precise than out Wood Flex core and it's ideally suited to any rider looking for the lightest wood core to help push their level.

Torsion X

Torsion X

Carbon pre-preg-tape torsion control delivers a better damped, lighter board with more responsive handling and improved upwind ability.


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