Do It All


The new TS delivers pure performance no matter what style you ride: mega loops, steep waves or unhooked freestyle ... the TS knows no limits! Hook up the new TS

Conquer The Elements


In it's 2nd edition, the Roca continues to redefine the freeride category. With it's unmatched wind range, hang time, and upwind capability, it provides maximum stoke in all conditions with no need for a huge quiver. Launch the new Roca

Pass The Bar


The GP embodies control of the highest level. Pushing the limits of unhooked performance with blistering speed and unparalleled slack. Rock solid stability will give you the confidence to send the kite and throw loops in conditions that will test your bravery. Control the out of control! Game time with the GP

Strut Valve Connectors

EZ Pump™ System

The new Strut Valve Connectors come with an increased air flow, improved aerodynamics, easier maintenance and enhanced durability. This upgrade means inflating and packing your kite is faster and easier than ever before! Strut Valve Connectors


Kites built to last

Our toys are extremely durable. We improved the trailing edge, installing a wave pattern of two layers of canopy to transition to an ultra strong Dacron fabric, reinforced by our innovative Vibration Damping system. Additionally we re-designed the reinforcement design of our kites, making them sturdier but still reducing overall weight.