GP 2017 w/ Bar for 500$

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  • Get your Freestyle Bomb for only 500$
  • Four line Delta/Hybrid three strut kite with front line safety
  • Freeride innovation for epic jumps, longest hang time and huge wind range
  • Ride Optimized Geometry – each size engineered individually to suit conditions
  • TPU bladders made in Germany and industry leading nozzle free Twist Lock Valve 2.0

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As low as: $ 500.00

Price as configured: $ 500.00

Do It All

The new TS delivers pure performance no matter what style you ride: mega loops, steep waves or unhooked freestyle, the TS knows no limits! The new cylindrical cone shaped leading edge distributes your steering impulses over the whole wing for a faster and smoother turning kite. Enjoy enhanced stability when riding unhooked. This kite provides superior grunt and lift. Version 6 carries Best’s new Twist Lock Valve 2.0 inflation system and highest grade materials from Japan and Germany.

  • Changes to previous model:
  • ++ Redesigned leading edge shape for improved kite twist and stability
  • ++ Fine tuned aspect ratio for more low-end power, lift and hangtime
  • ++ Revised micro bridle geometry for direct steering and precise bar pressure
  • ++ Reworked trailing edge for smoother airflow and incredible durability
  • ++ Original Teijin Techno Force D2 canopy from Japan and TPU bladders made in Germany
  • ++ Industry leading Twist Lock Valve 2.0 inflation system for fastest in- and deflation
  • ++ New backline attachment points made of Spectra line for easier setup and durability

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