Fit Block with screw

2011 Pad and Strap replacement part

Fit Block (1 piece) with screw for Basic & Lux Air Accessory Pad and Strap

$ 4.99
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Our 'Fit-Block' Pad connection system takes the strain out of fitting straps to your new board. A new composite reinforced connection block hooks onto each end of your straps and makes fitting your straps a cinch; no more crossed threads or loose straps ever again.

With a wider range of adjustability due to the new strap connection system, the Fit-Block strap and pad set allows every rider to find the perfect fit for the way that they ride; adjusting strap tension and making angle adjustments has never been easier. If you are a regular traveler or have a selection of boards and want to swap straps between boards, then there’s no better choice than the Fit-Block strap.

Please be sure to retain the screws from your original footstraps when updating to your new straps if your board was originally equipped with Imperial size screws.

DISCLAIMER: WARNING!!! If you attempt to use Metric screws on Imperial insert boards (or vice versa) you'll strip out the threads. Best is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to threads through the use of incorrect screws.

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