World Cup Fehmarn

My first time on Fehmarn and I really enjoyed the new event location. It was great exploring the island!

The kitesurf World Cup in Germany is always the biggest kitesurf event in the world. In the previous years the event has always been held at St. Peter Ordring but this years location was on Fehmarn. Also know as the ‘sunshine island’ All I can say it that it definitely lived up to its name, with 9 out of 10 sunny days! It was my first time on Fehmarn and I really enjoyed the new event location. It was great exploring the island with my Chiemsee Volkswagen California van.

With all the hot weather the wind was very light, the conditions where only suitable for one day to run the freestyle competition. So it all came down to the last day of the event, the end of the day was fast approaching and with no sign of any wind coming! The event was about to be called off with no freestyle results. Competitors started packing their board bags and the camera crew where dissembling the lifestream equipment. To our amazement at 3pm the weather suddenly changed, it became stormy and windy!! Within 20 minuets the competition was on! It was a mad rush for a lot of competitors to re-pump their kites and the camera crew rapidly setup the lifestream again! I think something inside me had faith the wind would come as I did not pack any of my kites up. I had been ready waiting on the beach since 6am! I was very excited and felt full of energy and stoke that after days of waiting the woman’s final was about to start! Their was 6 of us in final. Kajia, V.Westerop, Novotna, Valesa, Galiart and myself.

The final started and I felt a lot more nervous than usual, so nervous I was actually shaking! I crashed my first trick which is the worst way to start a heat!! Psychologically it really knocks your confidence. After this I felt a lot calmer and in control, I knew what I had to do. I landed all my next tricks and finished the heat with a 2nd place. I am very happy with my result and stoked to be climbing the podium at each event! I feel more motivated than ever to train and compete right now. I hope the hard training and good results continue. I’m looking forward to the next event!

Results Woman’s Final:
1st: Bruna Kajia
2nd: Hannah Whiteley
3rd: Annabel V.Westerop
4: Paula Novotna