Welcome the Winter Waves

Over the past 12 years I have spend quiet a bit of time on Maui - the birth place of kiteboarding and one of my favourite kite places in the world. There are a lot of things that I love about Maui... the natural beauty of the island, the amazing community of kiters, the warm water, the trade winds, the waves...
One of the most exciting things to experience when you are on Maui is a big winter swell. Excitement is in the air and for the duration of the swell pretty much everything revolves around exactly that. Make your way down to Ho'okipa and overlook the North Shore to feel the sheer power of mother nature, or better yet, check out Jaws and watch the drama unfold. Unforgettable moments for sure!

That I am not the only one anticipating these big winter swells became obvious to me when I received an invitation to an "End Of Summer - Welcome the Winter" event. Last night (October 19) the Maui Kiteboarding Community gathered at the Shibley Residence for their annual celebration, welcoming the winter by burning a kite board (mind you, its not a real kite board, people here on Maui are very environmentally conscious!) as a sacrifice to the wave gods (and wind gods as well of course). What a cool idea and what a nice evening with the Maui Kiteboarding Community. :)

The funniest part of the evening were for sure some of the messages that everyone had written on the board for the wave gods. If you get a good glimps at the picture below you might be able to read some of them. :)

Enjoy your winter, wherever you are - and may the wave (and wind) gods be with you.