Welcome to the team: Declan McCarthy

2014 Australia Freestyle Champion, 2015 State Freestyle Champion and on track to stand at the very top of the podium at this years Frestyle nationals in March, 22 year old Declan McCarthy is now riding for Best Kiteboarding.

Partnered up with SHQ Boardsports down in Melbourne, Declan is not only riding like a pro, but providing other riders with the great advise on purchasing new equipment in store. If he’s not working at SHQ, you can find him paddling out somewhere along the Victorian coastline on a surfboard, or doing his best to stay atop a dirtbike. Of course that is if he’s not trekking around the country looking for new spots! This month he’s off to Tasmania to explore the uncharted (to kiting at least) coastline and sample the ballistic southern ocean winds!

So what’s he going to be riding? The Best TS of course! It’s Best gear from head to toe, including our incredibly comfy Waist harness and Howl bindings on the Profanity twintip. According to Declan, he chose the Best TS for it’s versatility and all round performance that spreads across all disciplines of kiteboarding.

“I ride the TS not because it is the best freestyle kite on the market, it is because it offers me the most versatility to have best performing freestyle and wave kite, without making any sacrifices.”

Look out for Declan in Sydney this March at the 2015 Australian Kiteboarding nationals, on the pages of Kite Mag, or if you want to meet the man in person, drop by SHQ Boardsports in Melbourne.