VKWC clashes with Triple S

Yesterday the officials of the Venyu Triple S released the event info: The biggest kite festival in the US will be held from May 30th till June 5th. After 2 happy minutes of pure excitement, flight planing and clinking bottles something dawned us. Wasn't there another announcement just days ago? But surely an overlap wouldn't be possible. We checked the VKWC website and got the confirmation... indeed, just a few days ago Venezuela was added as a tour stop and is planed to take place from the 2nd till 7th of June. As a long term supporter and sponsor of the Triple S we are disappointed to see these events overlap.

While Venezuela is an awesome place to ride and every riders darling, it was added to the tour plan on short notice undoubtedly to replace Leucate and Egypt, two events that were recently canceled. Triple S on the other hand took place more or less on the same dates for the last 10 years. Why wasn't that taken into consideration by the VKWC?

Even though Best riders are hardly affected, we don't have anyone competing in wakestyle events AND the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships, we still don't see the point in running two major events at the same time.

Best VKWC Freestyle Athletes:
- Youri Zoon
- Alex Neto
- Gisela Pulido
- Mike Schitzhofer
- Hannah Whiteley

Best Triple S Athletes so far:
- Sam Medysky
- Chris Bobryk
- Billy Parker
- Victoria Soloveykina
- Paula Rosales