Best riders winning at VKWC stop in Venezuela

The second stop of the VKWC ended on June 13th and left our Best team riders with great success. Aside from the male big air competition, in each category at least one Best rider made it on the podium. Congratulations!

On day 1, the competition started with men and women freestyle round 1. Surprisingly, Christophe Tack lost against Brasilian newcomer Carlos Mario. Youri Zoon had a good start and won his first heat straight away.

Best team rider Alex Neto enjoys being the cameraman

Our girls definitely did their best as well. The surprise of the day was Hannah Whiteley beating nine-time world champion Gisela Pulido. Hannah Whiteley was on form and secured the heat delivering a variety of powerful manoeuvres. We couldn't wait for round 2!

Day 2 of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships was dedicated to the female freestyle only. In many intense heats Bruna Kajiya and Karolina Winkowska succeeded to the winners final while Gisela Pulido beat Annelous Lammerts in the mini finale and managed to become 3rd overall!

The second stop of the VKWC saw another day of good conditions with 15 to 22 knots of wind and crowds of spectators for the third day of competition. Male top seeds put on display great action from round 2 to the beginning of round 4 until it was called off due to insufficient wind.
In round 2, Michael Schitzhofer managed to beat Reno Romeu and advanced to round 3, where was was up against Alex Pastor. Youri Zoon faced Ariel Corniel. Suprising news of the day was reigning world champion Christophe Tack loosing against Robinson Hilario in an extremely close heat. Unfortunately for Tack he lost half of his best score after preventing Hilario from entering the area of competition when he had right of way.

Youri Zoon:
"Hopefully we’ll get good conditions so we can show what we’re made of and see who is going to win. Alex is getting back from the injury he had a year ago. He’s improving a lot, he’s been training hard and it’s definitely going to be a tough heat. It’s back to the old times again when I used to compete with him in a lot of finals, it’s going to be a good one."

On day 4, we saw a thrilling day of kiteboarding with freestyle male and female finals. Under a blazing sun and with constant wind blowing 18 knots reigning world champion Karolina Winkowska as well as current number one Liam Whaley claimed their respective second victories on the trot.

The firsts to take to the water today were long time contenders Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor. Both riders know each other very well and knew they had to give it all to advance into the next round. Pastor started his heat with commitment but soon showed some difficulties with several wipeouts - certainly because of stress. Youri Zoon slowly built up his heat finishing with several extremely powered double handle passes such as a Slim 7, Backside 317, and a KGB 5 sending him to the semi-final.

A stiff competition saw Gisela Pulido putting pressure on Annelous Lammerts by landing solid moves right after the horn. Nine-time world champion showed no mercy as she had to grab points after losing in an epic semi-final against her biggest opponent Karolina Winkowska on Wednesday. But Annelous did not get flustered and answered back with some consistent tricks as well. That said, the Spanish champion won with a commanding lead over Annelous sealing the deal by pulling off more powered tricks.

The second stop of the Virgin World Kitesurf Championships ended today with male and female big air event. Despite light winds, the competition saw many local competitors together with the world best riders. They all managed to deliver aerial manoeuvres that delighted the crowds. Congratulations to the big air winners Gisela Pulido and Marc Jacobs who have been crowned during the closing ceremony of the event held at partner Hotel Coche Paradise.
Our Best girl really gave their best and Hannah Whiteley made it on the podium as well, scoring some really nice tricks and eventually becoming 2nd just behind Gisela. Nice girls!

Pictures credit by Rodrigo Ungaro and Juan Santiago Monteverde. Text: Best and VKWC.