Getting ready for the VKSAS and PKRA Tarifa

Tarifa is on! Not only will the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Spain go down this Sunday but also the PKRA with an exciting Freestyle and Big Air competition. All the Best pro riders are there, hanging out at the Best Pro Center, waiting to take part in record breaking downwinder and of course to beat all other riders in the freestyle comp! Keep your fingers crossed for team Best!

For Gisela it's a question of honor to win at her home spot! She was training like crazy, to be in a prime form. This event, no one will stop her!

Spanish girl Rita is happy to be in Tarifa again and ready to ride with her country- and team mates Gisela and Noé.

Noé just signed in and is ready for action!

Alex is ready to win to strive for place 3 in the world ranking.