The Dakhla Qualifiers

After ten really intense days in the Desert we finally finished the Qualifiers for the first half of the Virgin Kitesurfing World Cup. The wind hasn’t really been cooperating on the past week here so it took us a while to finish the heats that decide who is in and who is not.

Words and images by Noé Font.

The first few heats of the qualifiers were ran on the main spot in front of the hotel were the wind was light for the biggest kites and the water was choppy, besides of those first heats the rest happened with really strong winds and a terrible ocean with choppy tides and waves. With the new format for the category of freestyle the main change was the addition of a small box, for that there is a new priority system as there can’t be more than one rider at the time inside the box and this way we secures the judges to watch all the tricks. For the scoring system they break down every trick into three different qualities which get a concrete percentage on the final score. So far the new format has been working well with no mistakes. You can read here about all the changes of the new tour!

Unfortunately the wind wasn’t blowing in the favor of all our riders. While Pedro got second in the surfing main event, Val, Rita and myself didn't make it through the trials. Therefore we cannot join the tour and have to wait and train till we get our next chance in the mid season trials. Still, we have amazing riders in the main event! Good luck to Gisela, Youri, Alex, Mike, Helena and Hannah - have an amazing season on tour.

We all look forward for a really exciting year with many legends back on tour and the highest level kiteboarding has ever seen.