Guinness Record Attempt and VKWC stop coming up in Tarifa!

Important update! Due to the wind conditions the Guinness World Record attempt in Tarifa will be postponed. Now it will take place either on the 18th or 19th of July. The sign up fee is 20 € in order to enable everybody can join and be safe.

The VKWC (Virgin Kitesurf World Championship) will start July 11th at Tarifa and at the same time, there'll be a new attempt in beating the current Guinness World Record of how many kiters can ride a mile together!

The VKWC makes its first European stop! From July 11th to 19th, the world's best professional kiters will be at Los Lances Beach (Carriles) in Tarifa to show their very best. The first stop of the tour was being held in Dakhla, Marocco, before the VKWC stopped in Isla de Coche (Venezuela) just last month.

After last year's success, the VKWC will arrive again at Tarifa, Southern Europe's popular kite town. The current Guinness Record of riders kiting together one mile was set last year, with 352 kiters present. This year attempt will take place on July 11th or 12th. For the decision will strongly depend on the wind forecast, the chosen day will be announced on the July 6th.
The meeting pointis in Playa de los Lances, km 80 de la Carretera N-340, about 3 kilometers north from Tarifa.

At the same time the VKWC will start on July 11th and show the two disciplines of freestyle and big air. At Isla del Coche, Liam Whaley and Karolina Winkowska succeeded their competitors in the freestyle discipline, whilst Marc Jacobs and Gisela Pulido took away the victory in Big Air.