Worlds biggest Kite event comes to an end

The last ten days have been beyond crazy! We rigged up a huge tent at the beach of Sankt Peter Ording to present two brand new products, to have a place to dance through the night and of course, to be close to the action on the water.

The VKWC Tour stop in Germany was incredible successful for the Best riders. Mike Schitzhofer, Val Garat and Rita Arnaus had to qualify for the second half of the season and they did so in ease! Congrats guys!

While Youri Zoon was stopped by Aaron Hadlow in a contentious decision (butt check or crash?) our girl Gisela Pulido was unbeatable! She was by far the best on the water and climbed the podium. Her first 1st place this season and an important victory on the way to her tenth world title!

Besides the water we had a great time organizing table soccer events and signature hours with our pro Hannah Whiteley.

Probably the most fun we had when our new kites arrived. Like little kids we fought about the honor to pump them and being the first to launch. We compared the 2015 GP directly to the new 2016 GP: The new kite has WAY more pull and low end then the 2015 one. While this comes in super handy to go upwind and relaunching, we were first doubtful about the line slack. Luckily the slack was not affected at all and it is easier than ever to pop out the water and pass the bar. Even greater though was the launch of the first ever ROCA. A kite developed in Cabo da Roca a rough area in Portugal with the harshest kiteboarding conditions.

This kite was built to withstand and excel in such conditions. As we had 12 knots and sun on one day and 35 knots with heavy rain on the next, we were able to fly the kite in all conditions. Even Youri and Mike lined up to test it and were amazed by the grunty lowend and boost. The perfect kite for jumping big and doing tricks while slowly gliding back to the water.

Even though we have been completely exhausted after 9 days on the beach we decided to have a huge party. The organizers, who (unfortunately) remembered our party from last year, confiscated our 2,400 bottles of beer, only allowing us 4 barrels which equals 200 liter. This did not rein the thirst and eagerness of the people lining up to enter our tent and we continued to party until we were shut down at 2 am.

We stopped the party for a minute to send our love to Ruben!

Thanks again to everyone making this event possible! To our team riders performing on the water, to our team riders helping out in our booth and the test area, to the many people behind the scenes and of course, to all of you who visited us to talk, party, cheer and ride with us!

Our Pro and National riders enjoying a big BBQ at the Best house!