Snowkiting 2016/17

What an amazing snow kiting winter so far! We saw so many inspiring shots and videos that we decided to dive deep into the powder one more time and share this cool collection with you. Enjoy the ride watching some of the most fascinating shots from winter wonderland 2016/2017.

Now that spring is on it's time for a first wrap-up to this snowkite season. Let's take the tour around the globe and check out some decent snowkiting action. We're starting our flight over planet white in Switzerland. Enjoy the ride in winter-wonderland 2016/2017.

An even hotter hotspot in snowkiting obviously is Norway. Impressive landscape, mind-blowing conditions, endless hills and valleys and the craziest riders you'll find on snow. So Best team riders were pulling off a good show this winter again.

Looking for more reasons to book your ticket to Norway next winter? Watch Richard's presentation of his dream spot…

Well, and then there's Russia of course. Because if there's anybody who knows how to have fun under miserably cold conditions it's definitely Russians. So check out what our mates in Russia have been up for to in the snow this winter…

All in all a really cool snowkite season from what we saw and experienced. If you have some more impressions for us to share please don't hold back! Our Best Facebook page is open for you 24/7 to drop your snow-bombs right onto the page. Also of course there's Instagram, so don't forget to tag Best with @bestkiteboarding #bestkiteboarding #ridewithus so that we see all your posts. Otherwise see you on the snow-white fields, hills and valleys next winter.

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