Best's Big Air Warriors - Ruben Len10

He is a legend and the face of the event! When one talks about big airs and extreme kiteboarding, his name comes up first. Meet the one and only Ruben Lenten and find out about his gear set up. He is one of the six Best athletes that are competing at this years Red Bull King of the Air.

What's your setup for the event?
Kite: Riding the 9m LEN10 Extract V2 prototype
Bar: LEN10 Extract 2015 bar
Line Length: 20mtr Heavy duty lines
Board: LEN10 Extract board with my Woo mounted in the middle :-)
Straps / Boots: Committed with my Humanoid Odyssey’s

Why is that the perfect setup?
All the Extract gear is made to feel direct, powerful and consistent and that’s exactly what I need to feel comfortable pushing myself to the limit.

What does your mum say about you competing in that event?
Haven’t spoken to my mom in a while, not sure if she even knows. Bummer!

Any last words?
I can’t wait to finalize the development of my the new Extract kite and board so that everyone can feel the power and take it to the skies.


Come check out the mayhem on Big Bay beach or check out the live stream on RedBull King of the Air and check my updates on Facebook or rubenlent10 at instagram.

Special thanks to the photographer Craig Kolesky. For my latest music visit my bassy Soundcloud!