The new Roca: Conquer the elements

The Best R&D team is located at Cabo da Roca, Portugal, the most westerly point of Europe. Here we developed Best's very latest freeride kite: The new Roca. We brought the very first pieces to the Kite World Cup in Germany to check on the riders reactions. Their feedback to the Roca's endless wind range, enormous boost, controllable power, reactive handling and immediate response was priceless. Now we're sure that this is the modern tri-strut kite you really should add to your quiver soon.

Photo credit: Pauldavidgill

The Roca is designed to deliver outstanding performance no matter the conditions. It's place of birth is known for huge Atlantic waves shattering on the rough cliffs, strong winds drive their way into the marrow of your bones. Succeeding here means making it anywhere. From here this kite made its way across the planet for hundreds of hours of testing using dozens of prototypes and configurations. Brazil, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea – we brought this kite to pretty much every water on earth.

The result of such effort is a tangible versatility you haven't experienced with any other kite before. The Roca just loves boosting huge airs as much as being the right choice for a liberated, hassle-free freeride session downwind. It's a pleasure in waves but has an incredible jumping ability combined with an outstanding hang time. You can be sure The Roca always gives you all the time you need to finish your trick while you descend back to the water in full control. It's great fun to right the Roca in 4 meters on your directional board just like it keeps pulling you in the lightest breeze if you use size 14 or 17. The word "versatility" can't express how much fun a true waterman can have with his Roca under all these conditions.

Low end, grunt and depower
The Roca is designed to cover the widest possible wind range. Due to its modern tri-strut design it is very light and agile while the large face of the canopy with a medium to high aspect ratio perfectly catches the wind. Its swept wingtips ensure stability and an unbeatable depower range: When you pull the bar, your Roca instantly responds with grunty power. In high winds or gusts it is enough to give a little way to the bar to be back in the comfort zone.

Thanks to the Roca's convincing low end and depower characteristics this kite also becomes the number one choice for the frequent traveler. Just put two well chosen Rocas in your quiver and you gonna be good for the wind conditions of most travel destinations you'll find. Despite it's light weight the Roca is also build incredibly tough so you can be sure it wont ever let you down in remote locations.

Boosting and Hangtime
Are you into breathing the fresh air ten, fifteen meters above the sea? Are you into rotations, board offs and hangtime? Well, then the ROCA is the kite you are after!

The agility of the new Best Roca paired with the aspect ratio results in a huge boosting potential. After you reached the climax of your jump, the wide canopy acts like a parachute and you are slowly gliding back to the water leaving enough time to finish your tricks. The bar pressure is pretty high to enhance the direct feel of the kite and improve the steering (while testing the kite, we couldn't stop looping the 8 meter...).

Relaunch and Safety
No matter if you are riding in tough conditions or working on landing a new trick - when you drop your kite, you want to have it back in the air within no time. The shape of the Roca ensures a very easy restart. We also equipped the kite with a number of safety features, one of them being new 3D bridle deflectors made of foam. This new safety technology developed by Best R&D reduces the risk of death loops, making it one of the safest kites on the market.
Youri, a pro used to riding solely dedicated freestyle kites, tried the ROCA for learning to foil and was fascinated by its power and the relaunch.

Color Combinations
First available color combinations that will hit the shelves of the Best shops soon!

We will soon release more information about the Roca as well as more information about the product's availability in your country - it wont be long! Until then, stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure to be up to date!

For a first glimpse feel free to watch first clips of the Roca in action from our test run in St. Peter-Ording, Germany. More videos will follow soon.