Red Bar Depower Line Exchange

Insufficiently spliced depower lines were found in single cases within a limited batch of Red Bars. So we have to address these pieces with a mandatory Depower Rope Upgrade Kit. The upgrade will be sent free of charge and comes with a 15 % discount voucher for the Best online shop to thank affected customers for their understanding and patience.

Best Red Bars of a certain batch may suffer from insufficient line splicing which in single cases can substantially affect the depower ability of your kite. This is safety-relevant so if your bar is part of the affected production batch Best will strictly recommend to stop using the product with immediate effect. There's a free upgrade kit available for customers to fix the issue.

It is very easy to identify if your Best Red Bar could potentially inherit the defect by checking the serial number on the center bushing on the backside of your bar stick as shown on the picture below. Your bar would only be affected if your product carries any serial number from 16-05311 to 16-06210.

If your bar really is from this production batch you will receive a complete depower rope replacement kit in order to exchange the potentially malfunctioning part. We are very sorry for the hassle coming with the replacement procedure. So we'd like to thank customers for their commitment, understanding and patience with an exclusive 15 % voucher for any purchase at our online shop. Receivers will be able to use their 15 % discount on top of any available offer or product.

We try to organize the upgrade process as smooth and easy as it gets.

1. Check your Best Red Bar's serial number. Is it any serial between 16-05311 to 16-06210?

2. Fill the Warranty Form with ALL your details and upload a picture of your bar with the serial number visible.

3. You receive a confirmation email with your exclusive 15 % discount voucher and further information.

4. You receive your service package with the Depower Rope Upgrade Kit.

5. Follow the instructions shown in the end of this article or watch this Best service video on YouTube to exchange your depower rope correctly and safely.

6. Spoil yourself for the hard work by using your exclusive 15 % discount voucher on the best and latest offers in the Best Online Shop

As a matter of fact the depower rope of a Best Red Bar is a complex piece of engineering. It contains several materials to provide exactly the functionalities we're looking for throughout the different parts of the depower rope. To allow these materials to work together seamlessly… well, it actually takes seams. Stitching a rope like this is called "splicing". Spliced ropes are usually extremely durable; the splicing actually reinforces the entire rope construction while making sure the piece is fit for purpose.

In the very unlikely case things aren't connected the intended way certain line elements can loose connection though and eventually come off. This is what could happen to single products from this production batch of Red Bars and it's the reason for this note now. Keep reading this article to learn more and follow the instructions.

As soon as you will have received your personal Depower Rope Upgrade Kit for your Best Red Bar please follow the instructions in the Best service video below to make sure the exchange is as flawless and safe as possible. We know the exchange process takes a little longer than just five minutes and so we really appreciate your effort. We hope you'll be back on the water ASAP to ride with us the way you deserve.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your Best customer service.