PKRA Single Eliminations Panama

The first day in Panama also brought the start of the single eliminations with Best team riders Alex Neto, Michael Schitzhofer, Helena Brochocka and Gisela Pulido all ready to turn up the heat.

Alex Neto performed quite well in the stacked competition and has won every heat so far. He goes up today against Germany's Mario Rodwald. Michael Schitzhofer was able to take out North America's Eric Rientstra in the first round but did not pass his next tough match up against Aaron Hadlow.

In the women's single eliminations, Best rider Helena Brochocka advances in the first round against Macclure and will meet Annabel Van Westerop in the next round. Current World Champion Gisela Pulido accepts her bye in the first round and will take on Triina Trei from Estonia.

All the Best to our riders in today's round of competition!

photo: Toby Bromwich