PKRA Panama

As the first stop of the PKRA World Tour kicks off today in Panama at Nitro City, we are excited for a new season and wish our Best team riders all the Best! The competition will be tough as everyone is looking to come out on top for the first stop, setting a precedence for the year to come.

Best team rider Gisela Pulido is ready to showcase why she is the current world champion and 9 times running. She recently returned from a good training session in Sri Lanka and is feeling confident on the water.

The competition in the men's division is going to be strong this year. Best team rider Youri Zoon has been training hard and will make his return on the water at the tour's second stop in Dakhla as this first stop was a bit too early coming back from his shoulder injury. We are sorry to hear that current world champion Alex Pastor just suffered from the same injury in warm up sessions in Panama, we wish you a speedy recovery!

The first heats for qualifying are looking good as Best team riders are spread throughout the ladder ready to put on a show.

Alex Neto has been getting ready in Brazil after a great Vice Champion finish in the Brazilian National Champions.

Austrian champion Michael Schitzhofer returns as one of the veterans of the tour and will be sure to put out a solid performance.

Junior World Champion Noe Font will make the first stop this year at only 15 years old but already showing his progression as he learns from and rides with the Best.

Frenchman Valentin Garat will also be in Panama after coming off training in Brazil ready to go!

Polish rider Helena Brochocka also will make a return to the tour this year to showcase her skills after solid training in Brazil and South Africa.

Good luck to all of our riders!