PKRA Panama Wrap Up

Congratulations to Best team riders Gisela Pulido and Alex Neto for their podium placements at the first stop of the PKRA World Tour in Panama held at Nitro City. The competition was tough as everyone has come to this first event hungry for the start of the season after a few months of training.

In the women's double eliminations, Gisela was able to oust Bruna making it into the final with Karolina. The ladies were both really going for it and unfortunately Gisela had a tough crash near the beach in the shallow water hitting her head and side which resulted in a concussion and allowing Karolina to take the win. Gisela is now resting and feeling ok and ready for Dakhla.

The men's double elimination was another tough battle as everyone is trying for the top of the podium at the first stop of the season. Best team rider Alex Neto finished second place in the singles after winning rounds over Hadlow and several others and was ready to go for the top position in the doubles. Robinson Hilario from the DR put on a show which advanced him to the final with Tack having Neto end in a third place finish for the final results.

The competition did not stop there as Nitro City is full of fun options for contests and professional athletes putting on a show. They decided to have a best trick and best cable performance next where we saw our riders showcase their skills on obstacles as well. Michael Schitzhofer was able to get a combined score placing him 4th in the field while Helena Brochocka was able to secure a second place finish.

We congratulate all our athletes on a terrific performance and several podiums! Looking foward to the next show in Dakhla!