PKRA Dakhla - About the Best

Yesterday the PKRA tour stop in Dakhla came to an end. With their bags heavy with trophies our riders hit the road. Time for a wrap up and big congratulation to all our riders for their amazing performance.

Gisela was the Best! Unstoppable even though the conditions were tough, Gisela won the double elimination over Bruna Kajiya and Karolina Winkowska topping the podium.

With good strong wind, the men all gave their best to win the double elimination. Our Best team rider Alex Neto riding with his Best TS kept destroying it, landing super tough technical tricks. After beating Aaron Hadlow, only Marc Jacobs and Christophe Tack were able to stop him and he made a well deserved third place.

Youri had his comeback after the long recovery. And even though his shoulder was still a bit sore, he went big. In the end he made 5th place after his team mate Alex. Best teammate Michael Schitzhofer followed in 7th place.

Also make sure to check out this video wrap up from the double elemination

As we already reported, also the wave competition was led by Best team rider Pedro Henrique who made 2nd place. Keahi De Aboitiz won while Mitu Montiero stepped onto the third podium place.

Thanks again to our amazing team and their outstanding performances!