The PKRA Tour stop in Brazil is over with great results for team Best.

The Womens competition was fierce as all riders fought to better their positions. It would be a Kajiya Vs Pulido final, something that we haven’t seen this year on the PKRA. Kajiya didn’t have a great start to the final and it didn’t really seem to get any better, crashing out pretty hard on a few tricks. Our girl Gisela also had an average heat in the final, not riding as well as she had in the singles but with her professional ability she took the victory. With this win Gisela is still likely to grab the next world title - she has to dominate the next two stops in China though to take it home.

The mens competition was exciting to say the least, the locals were hungry for the win with both Brazilians Teixera and Mario had amazing days respectively riding strong and advancing a considerable amount of heats. It was super close but in the end Mario had a slightly better heat narrowly advancing through to face Tonijuan and afterwards countryman Alex Neto. In the end it was up to Youri Zoon to put his winning streak to an end. Best pro Youri brought his A game to the plate and showed everyone that he’s still got what it takes to win a world title. Youri produced nice Backside and Frontside 317’s and finished it all off with an impressive Slim Chance 720.

The final was a Zoon Vs Whaley affair with both riders going out big. Whaley appeared a little nervous, not landing the tricks he typically would have. Youri on the other hand looked like a man on a mission banging out a heat that resembled his previous against Mario. Youri won, which meant that he was facing Whaley again in a Super Final! The air was thick as both riders looked a little nervous to take the win, neither had an exceptional heat. In the end luck was on Whaleys side and he took the win, keeping his chance of taking the world title alive!