Your New Best Shop

Best makes Kiteboarding affordable again so that everybody can ride with us. In order to offer the best conditions we can we are reintroducing online direct sales on We celebrate this opening together with you offering 40 % on kites and even 45 % discount on kite/bar bundles.

If we ask people what keeps them from riding the latest and safest kite gear we always get the same answer: “New kites are terribly expensive”. Funny enough Best Kiteboarding was founded to change exactly that. But almost 15 years later kites from all brands still cost a hell lot of money. So it’s about time for a disruption eventually.

That’s why Best rethought everything within the company but product quality. We turned our entire organization, sourcing, logistics and marketing upside down and we are ready for a revolution now. We want to know: How many of you riders would buy the latest and safest gear if we cut prices by half? What if a brand new kite with a bar is available at under a thousand Euro or Dollars? Riders in the world: It’s time to gear up and ride with us!

Check out all our new offers and get 40 % discount on all the latest kites and even 45 % discount on kite/bar packages. On top is offering free shipping during the introduction period! So there are no excuses left to ride outdated kite gear. Now it’s your turn.

Ride with us!