Behind the Scenes of 'On a Ride'

You just finished your popcorn after watching the latest Best video 'On a Ride' and now crave for more information and insights on the video production? Well, here we go!

All shots by Mr. Alexandru Baranescu.

Fun Fact: Miguel Willis was a Best team rider before he started his film making career.

Stefan Permien from Germany had a lot of fun with the Kahoona

We had perfect conditions at ParosKite!

Gisela smiling for the camera!

The TS comes in three different color options.

Fun Fact: Sam Medysky has three different captain hats.

Fun Fact: It was Giselas first time on a motor scooter. Like with everything ridable, she managed great!

Quick boat ride to the next spot...

Paros sunsets are surreal!

The team setting up their gear for the next session.

Hannah Whiteley and her gorgeous smile.

Val enjoying a light wind session on his 15m TS.

Sam buttersliding that harbor.

The whole gang! Thanks again to Paroskite, Xavier and the crew at the Holiday Sun Hotel!