Nuno Stru - First Kitesurfer at Nazaré

Best rider Nuno "stru" Figueiredo wrote history as the first ever to kitesurf the notorious monster waves of Nararé in Portugal! This is his story...

15 years ago I started to kite. I made it my life. I run my own kitesurfing school and still head out almost every day. When you do a sport such as kitesurfing you always try to push your limits. This is the reason why Nazaré came to my mind. I decided to make this wave my next challenge.

It took me one year to be ready for this massive and powerful waves, I trained all year riding various spots in tough and crazy conditions. On Thursday 7th of April, supported by the spot’s organization and accompanied by the talented photographer and videomaker Jorge Leal, I was finally ready to tame this gnarly beast. Local legend Sérgio Cosme gave me some advices and recommendations which really boosted my confidence. Then I went to the water…

While I was riding the waves, my heart was beating like an engine, my adrenalin was at its maximum and I was more concentrated than ever before. I will never forget the terrifying, and at the same time, amazing sensation I felt when riding down those waves.

Today, Nazaré is still present during my nights. Sometimes I suddenly wake up from my dreams because I can still hear the sound of that wave breaking, a memory that will remain stuck in my mind for a long time.

Watch the video by clicking here!