Nuno discovers Papoa Peniche the new big wave spot

Nuno recently discovered Papoa Peniche as his new big wave spot. He claimed it during at the ASP world tours lay day. This is his story:

Peniche is build on a rocky peninsula and known for its long windy beaches and several recreational activities. Most of all it is known as an amazing surf and kitesurf spot. Just recently the local tow in guys (Jet Resgate Portugal) discovered the gnarliest and scariest wave of Peniche hidden by the cliffs of the Peninsula.

We had great conditions for training during spring. Now in fall, finally the big swell showed up. It was the perfect beginning for the big wave project I had planed with my water jet mate Joao Malafaya (Towrider). Papoa was expecting 5 meter swell with 25 knots south wind. This forecast fell exactly on the lay day of the ASP world tour stop which took place at Supertubes. With the tour in town, the number of spectators on the cliff was increased significantly.

Being the first kiter ever in this spot, I had to check various entry spots, wind gapes, ventures and gust effects etc. Local riders Glória and Cabral were a big help in this. In the end, going out was easier than expected. Arriving on the peak I noticed the wind started to increase. Surfing these beasts was hard and I had to challenge my limits. Thanks to Joao on the jet I was able to push my limits even harder. Adrenaline was pumping with each and every wave.

The crowd was cheering on my waves and jumps until one crazy bomb showed up in front of me. My only chance was to go big because I knew that I was going to fly passing this wave and maybe crash in the second one. Due to the huge lip of the wave that was about to swallow my 9 m Cabo I had to yank the kite to 45° much faster than I usually do! The jump was sick and I had to make a loop to complete it. I landed smoothly and clear of the wave, it was such a great feeling!

After a while big wave surfers such as Carlos Burle , McNamara, John John and the whole Jet Resgate team started to fill up the spot and I decided to leave them and went downwind to Baleal. Here it was pumping too with some fun waves and waves and I kitesurfed with the local riders until I was too exhausted.

Photos by the amazing Vitor Ferreira

Rider Nuno Stru Figueiredo