Nuno and Afonso ripping at the CNK14

Last weekend the CNK 2014 took place in Guincho. An event the Best wave rippers Nuno "Stru" and Afonso could not miss. After all, this is the home spot of the Best R&D team.

The motivation was high for our Best riders and they carved trick after trick into the clear Portuguese waves using their hand shaped Best boards Stubby Pro and Smack Pro (only avaiable in the EU). 13 year old talent Afonso won some heats in the junior event but had some tough luck in the end, as he had to face competition which was much older. Nuno was riding super strong and dominated the spot like no one else. His 1st place was well deserved.

This are the pictures from the event, taken by water photographer Ricardo Pinto:

Afonso going for a floater

Tough call which board to choose for the competition

Who needs a board if you can surf on your feet?