Nico Etienne Interview

Nico Etienne - the Best Big-Air newcomer from France!

Hey Nico, how are you and what are you up to at the moment??
I'm glad to be in the game for the King Of The Air 2015, and really exited about it! After a long and rough working summer, I'm looking for nice trips, good freestyle and fun during this winter!

Are you from a watersports or kiteboarding family or who influenced you to go riding?
As I'm born in Brittany (Western part of France), sailing has been a great influence when I was young, but I've been really lucky to meet some people at some point who drove me into kiteboarding, first a passionate sport teacher and then a great coach who both got me into kitebuggying. My parents have also always been there to help and to have a look when it came to start shredding on the water (2003).

What is your favorite trick and what was the last thing you saw someone do on the water that really impressed you?
I truly love going big and looping hard, but I'm really dreaming about some BAD ASS MEGALOOP 360'S, what I've never been crazy enough to try. The latest BJ9 from Carlos Mario is a true proof of the unlimited potential of our sport, but I also like fat simple tricks as KGBS or NIS'.

It seems like you’ve got the most thumbs-up of all rider for the “King of the Air 2015” event. Were you surprised by the amount of votes for your video?
I'm actually really surprised about it, especially because of the quality of the video. I was truly thinking that this year there was no way to pass the selection of this crazy event. I really want to thank everybody that helped me by taking a few seconds to vote for the video.

We have seen some cool videos of you riding storms in France and Greece. Do you also go out at ‘normal’ conditions and what’s your preferred wind speed?
I 'm really enjoying the light wind sessions in 15-20 knots that are to me the best conditions to ride and train in freestyle. For the true big air sessions I like to have 30 knots or more.

Describe for me what’s your training method for this event? How do you prepare for the “King of the Air”?
The King of The Air is a true surprise so my training method is a it unachieved, Surfing stands as a basic training but I'm trying my best to train more by cycling, running and swimming a few times a week. To me, it's really important to ride as much as possible and to enjoy the winter stormy conditions. Also the training has a mental part and there's no way to ride if you loose the balance...

What are you currently listening to on your iPod and which song do you listen to heat up for a “Big Air sessions”?
Always a few Necro classic songs, Carolina Drama - Racounteurs, Sweatshop Union, The roots. For a big air session definitely Howlin' for You - The black keys!

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