Rocking Norway: Welcome

Combining well established brick-and-mortar retail in Kongsberg with highly sophisticated online retail Ivinden now is Best Kiteboarding’s new and exclusive partner in Norway.

We’re glad to introduce our new partner in Norway: Led by Norwegian fellow Trond Rosenberg is Best Kiteboarding’s new exclusive dealer in Norway!

Trond has been involved in the kite industry for many years, starting his first kite company called "Norkite" in 2007 before also taking over “Sideshore” in 2014. You can find both shops now under the name "".

Ivinden (Norwegian for "in the wind”) runs both brick-and-mortar store in Kongsberg and highly sophisticated online retail on their website Customers enjoy a wide range of products with a guaranteed delivery time of maximum 24 hours. You will hardly find any better service.

Ivinden also offers professionally organized kite camps and courses all over Norway (and Europe) on both snow and water. So if you’re looking for the right guys to get your Best Kiteboarding gear sorted in Norway or you’re aiming for taking lessons or joining some exciting kite camps in and from Norway Ivinden will be there to help you out.

Of course our genius, stoke exhaling Best Team rider John Arne Askeland and his mates will remain your guys to ride with in Norway if you’re looking for a companion on snow or water.

Ride with us in Norway! AS, Dr. Brynsvei 8, 3610 Kongsberg