Mike stomping tricks in Mauritius

PKRA warrior Mike Schitzhofer took his GP and Procreator to enjoy some tropical island vibes before heading to China for the last two Worldtour stops. Enjoy his write up!

A couple of weeks ago my dad called me and told me that he got some new board prototypes and that he would need somebody to test them. As the days get shorter and colder in Austria and my dad had a trip to Mauritius planed already, I booked a flight on the same day and went to this amazing Island in the Indian Ocean.

I didn't really know what to expect from the spots and the place in general. The only thing I knew was that they have some quite famouse waves there.

Already on the day of my arrival it was windy and I could try the first spot I found, called Le Morne, and got to know the new boards. The setup for riding on the main spot in Maurituis is really sick. You park your truck next to beach, pump the kite on grass and the 10 meters further lays a sweet flat water lagoon for freestyle. If you are bored of the flat water you ride further out to the reefs and there you can surf some of the most famous waves in the world like Manava or Oneeye. I also got to ride some other spots further east like Bel Ombre, Riambel or at Blue Lagoon. Every spot had something special coming with it and every spot was a incredible experience. After 9 windy days with lots of testing and riding every day, I had to leave again but with my mind made up that this place will see me again.

Here are some more riding shots and a video I put together!