Check your 2015 Best bar!

Critical manufacturing issue

Fellow Best rider,
Here at Best your safety always comes first! That is why we need you to check your 2015 RP or/and GP bar. Unfortunately we discovered a manufacturing issue in one batch of bars that causes a few of the produced Quick Releases (QR) not to open properly. Affected are a few single 2015 bars with the serial number starting with the letter ‘E’. Please find here a document with a manual how to spot this serial number and how to test your bar. All owners of bars with a QR affected by this manufacturing issue will receive an appropriate replacement free of charge.

What to do in case your bar is affected?
Please get in touch with us so we can replace the faulty piece instantly – free of charge, of course! Make sure to check your bar properly though, as not all bars of the batch are affected. Please find here a manual on how to test the bar and whom to contact in case your bar is affected. Do not use the faulty bar under any circumstances.

What is causing this issue?
The chicken loop of our QR is hold by a metal piece inside of the inner hinge. As soon as the cuff is pushed upwards, the chicken loop‘s metal loop slides out of the QR and you are disconnected from your kite. Unfortunately we discovered that there were a few faulty metal pieces built into the QRs of a batch starting with the letter ‘E‘ in the serial number. Those few metal pieces were not deburred according to our quality standards and therefore do not work properly. This issue could cause the chicken loop to not releasing correctly when the cuff is pushed upwards. Please check if your bar is affected! In case it doesn't release correctly when performing the provided test procedure, please do not use it under any circumstances and request warranty.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!
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EU: 0044 20 8133 2393, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CET)
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