Vamos a la playa!

There is a time of year when the elements shift and all the NW wind fanatics start to migrate south. I was lucky to find myself right there along with them this year in a place I have been dying to check out but it always seemed so far away when living in on the east coast. The desert of Baja California Sur, Mexico was calling my name so I hopped on a plane to Los Cabos. Now most people, non wind junkies, would just opt to stay there to soak in the sun...not me, I was headed north to the windy location of La Ventana!

The roads are crooked through the desert and up the mountains and make sure you are doing the drive during the day as it is about a 2.5 hour drive from Cabo. You can also fly into La Paz (LAP), which is only 38 km from La Ventana but you will pay more for that flight as it is a smaller airport. Be careful…there are no fences for the wandering cows and they tend to gravitate to the roads at night because of the retained heat. If you do hit one and kill it with your vehicle, you owe money to the government as they are protected and would have to pay the farmer for their loss. Same goes for cacti and palm trees, don’t hurt those either or you will pay a fine!

I arrived for the La Ventana Classic ready with the new Roca in hand for all to try. The wind was cranking and every kite was on the water. What a beautiful site, the Sea of Cortez! The week went along with demos every day and lots of fun competition for the spectators to watch.

It was great to have our Best team representing on and off the water…. Muchos gracias Fritz, DJ Guacamole, Kris and Grom!

So you must prepare yourself for tacos galore, amazing margaritas, drinking beer (basically tastes like water) and all the festivities that can happen each night. The great thing about this place is that “Baja midnight” is basically around 10PM and everyone is shutting down for the day. So even after a long day out in the wind, sun and water you still can be perfectly prepared to do it all over again the tomorrow!