Did you know? Lightweight Kites Fly Better

The world we live in today demands more. More features. More gadgets. More wind. More waves. More more more. This demand holds true in the development of kites too. Riders ask for more performance, more safety and more range from their equipment. So what is the easiest way to achieve all this and satisfy every customers demand? Best are giving you LESS this year, less weight to be exact. Up to 15% lighter kites by removing Dacron where you don’t need it, and reinforcing where you do. Resisting gravity is hard. Kites, by definition need to fly. Weight is bad for things that fly. Here are some practical examples of when a lightweight kite could save the day. You know when you’re walking in from a sunset session with your kite at zenith, and it simply falls out of the sky? It smacks on the ground and scares small children and makes kiters on the beach cringe. They expect to hear the BOOM – POP of a bladder in anguish and your face is redder than the red square in the Best logo. If you were flying one of our light weight 2015 kites, the lift available from the wind would have kept it flying that little bit longer. The extra reinforcing on our 2015 kites leading edges might protect it from sticks, rocks and barnacles on the beach too. How about when you relaunch your kite off the water, to find it stalls and floats backwards, or sideways into the drink? A lighter kite wouldn’t do that, because it would require less lift to fly. You could simply relaunch our 2015 model kites and fly straight to zenith, instead of babying them through the edge of the window. Did we mention the amazing Double Core Ripstop fabric we use, also has water shedding properties?

Rewind a few minutes, to where your kite went THWACK into the water. Think about the stress placed upon every component of it. Right down to the individual fibers in the ripstop nylon. Ever heard of Kinetic Energy? One of the factors in that equation is weight, so less weight in our 2015 model kites means less force and less stress when they come to a sudden stop. Speaking of equations, if someone ever decides to work out the maths on how kites can jump so high, we’d like to see it. Because right now we know it has something to do with lift, and magic. And we think that with less weight, the same lift, and the same magic, our 2015 kites will jump higher. Last one, imagine this. You're packing up your kite bag, hoping that the check-in girl is in a good mood and believes your story about it being ‘golf’ equipment. You place your new light weight kite in the bag, and find that you’re underweight by 1kg. 1kg, what can you stuff in there that weighs 1kg? You probably forgot something. Undies. It’s always undies. So this season, when you’re at the beach and hear the BOOM-POP of a kite hit the beach, the cry of a student who can’t relaunch, the THWACK of a kite on the water or the smell of somebody who forgot their undies on a kite holiday. Smile and pump up your new, lightweight kite from Best. With less Dacron and a weight saving of up to 15%, you’re getting so much MORE out of your sessions. Ride With Us this summer, visit your local Best kiteboarding dealer for a test ride and check out the new gear on our Bestkiteboarding.com Website.