TS or Roca

Find out why riding light wind is amazing and which kite really fits your style - the TS or the Roca?!
But let´s look back first: Riding light wind was often frowned upon. "No action, no big boosts and slow kites that are hard to relaunch." Well, those who think so surely didn´t try modern light wind kites. Nowadays a light breeze comes with a handful of benefits:

1. It tremendously helps you to improve your skills! You will try and get used to tricks you otherwise wouldn´t dare to attempt.

2. Unhooked freestyle action is just as good, if not better. Passing the bar is never as easy as in light wind.

3. A light wind kite increases the time you spend on the water.

4. Light wind clears the crowds and you might have your favorite spot all to yourself.

5. Light wind kites have a crazy hang time. You might not get as high with your hooked in boosts but definitely stay up there way longer.

6. Less wind... Hanging out at the beach is much nicer when you don´t get sandblasted. Light wind riding is best when combined with a beach BBQ and beer!

Sizes14, 16 Meter14, 17 Meter
Aspect RatioHighMid to High
BladderExtra light weightExtra light weight
Line Extensions    Incl. 3m ExtensionsIncl. 3m Extensions
Turning SpeedVery FastFast
Low EndStrongVery Strong
Made for...Unhooked Riding,
Freestyle, Freeride   
Freeride, Boosting

So you want to start riding light wind but you are not sure if you should go with the TS or with the Roca? Ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I want to do?
You want to ride Freestyle (Unhooked riding with tricks where you don´t move the kite and keep it as low as possible)? Perfect, the TS is your kite. Its power and low end combined with its line slack, travel and position in the wind window is legendary. This the best lightwind freestyle kite on the market and your handle pass game will improve tremendously. When you rather stay hooked in and need a stable kite for big boosts with loads of hangtime, go for the Roca!
The Roca´s low end is slightly better and it therefore covers a larger wind range. On the other hand the TS is more versatile. The decision is yours!

2. Where will I ride mostly?
You will mainly ride at a spot that only offers the very lightest breeze? A spot that is super gusty and where the wind suddenly picks up? Go for the Roca! It is made to eat gusts and covers a huge windrange. When your spot is quite stable, has flat water or decent waves, you will have more fun riding the TS as it is more versatile.

3. What is the right size for me?
This one is easy to answer! Both the 14 and 16 TS as well as the 14 and 17 Roca really start making fun at around 9 knots. If you weight above 75 kg / 165 lbs rather go for the 16 or 17 meter. Lighter riders will get the most out of their sessions on the 14 meter. When it comes to light wind riding, you pick the size rather by your own weight and the size of your board than by the wind speed.

You are still unsure whether to go for the sporty freestyle TS or for the freeride windrange monster Roca? Drop by your local Best shop, join a Best test event or drop us a message on Facebook!