10 Year of Lia-tasticness

No one knows Best better than Lia. Happy 10 year anniversary! - Sebastian.

There’s no way to think Best without you. No product, no kiter, no story you wouldn’t know. Now you're ten years with our eleven years young company. Throughout all the different jobs you did and still and will do you’re always an example of dedication, passion, loyalty and solution-driven thoughtfulness. Thank you, Lia! - Jan.

Road trippin', partying, wakeboarding... and working too, of course - no matter what, it's always fun with you. Thanks for being an awesome colleague and friend and actually teaching me so much. - Julian.

Hey Lia! When I started I been told that you're most problematic user for IT - well, whoever said that - was wrong. You're probably among the best users. Pleasure to have you around! P.S. keep piling up that 30 GB Outlook file, we are going for the Guinness World Record here with 'The biggest one file mailbox ever' :) - Vadym.

Wow, you've been with the company for over 3652 days now and, hence, I haven't even been spending 2 % of that time with you at Best. However, I loved the time we had so far working together and I truly hope that you'll find everything you're looking for and keep having fun at your job and personal life. And I'll definitely make sure to check on you going strong at Crossfit. :) - Alix.

Lia…. My roomie my friend my workmate! A pleasure to have you around. You have been always a great asset to the company and me ;-) Keep it up, never change stay strong as you always are! - Dani Boy.

10 years dancing with BEST! Still remember our first nights out in Portugal, 2010 it was I believe, such a fun trip I can tell ya and my first experiences with the BEST company. Time is flying by, that’s crazy. Hope you will be with us for another 10 and more dancing RnB years to come :) all the best the dancing bottle Tim !!! - Tim.

Many thanks for all the good times over the past years, looking forward to many more to come - Sam.

Lia casually outshining some shiny Canola after wakeboarding!

The pros that come with the job of being the team manager.

Lia also knows all the dirty little party secrets...

Managing a bunch of those crazy kite addicts is only possible with a lot of...

... BUFF!

Working with Mike Schitzhofer on some projects...

Always fun to have you around!

Queen of freestyle meets queen of the HQ.

Traveling the world for Best.

Finally you found your ride.

Matching shirt and hair day. Only the Mo was missing...

Spending some quality time with the office crew!

"Lia, making bars look huge since 2005."

Thanks a lot for everything, Lia! It is awesome to have you around and the company wouldn't be the same without you. Here's to the next ten years of Lia-tasticness!