Best's Big Air Warriors - Lewis Crathern

Best pro rider Lewis Crathern was born and raised in the UK, so he had the perfect conditions for Big Air kiteboarding. Check out pier-jump legend Lewis and his setup for the upcoming Red Bull King of the Air event.

What's your setup for the event?
Kite: TS & GP
Bar: Extract Bar
Line Length: Top secret
Board: Profanity
Straps/ Boots: Ronix ones I like the clean white colour- they represents my landings and clean moves

Why is that the perfect setup?
I will bring a TS and GP down to Big Bay to keep my options open. The Extract Bar is the most versatile bar on the market for 4 and 5 line kites. I like the Profanity cause of the surface area that is available on landing fast and the rocker keeps me from nose diving.

What does your mum say about you competing in that event?
My mum says, make the Crathern family proud!

Any last words?
Can’t wait to hit the water and boost up to the sky of Capetown!


Come check out the KotA event on Big Bay beach or check out the live stream on RedBull King of the Air.

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